I must admit  it took a little attitude adjustment on my part to embrace the new white background on my website.  Somewhere in time I got seriously hooked on the black background which I since learned from Gloria at GloDerworks is really bad on the eyes. Hmmm…maybe that’s why I had cataract surgery in my 60’s?!!!

She showed  me more and more designs of the header artwork and I kept asking for a little more black, a little more gray please. The woman has the patience of a saint!  She sent more & more designs  while trying to humor me and my affinity for the black background. Finally my husband put in his two cents worth and after 40 years of marriage ( this Sunday!) I have learned sometimes his point of view can be quite valid!

So I got out of my own way and began to look at the new site with new eyes. And now less than a week later I LOVE it.

Shortly after it went live aforementioned hubby stated he was off to the paint store…for what reason I did not know!  He came home with a gallon of super duper white that is supposed to cover everything including BLACK walls.

You see several years ago he painted flat black the wall where I photograph my work .  It worked miracles especially when I started making work with wonky edges.  And I chose not to crop those images in PhotoShop to make the negative space around the edge exactly the same black as on my website. 

Today the paint was dry enough for me to ferret out the 9 pieces of wonky edged work and photograph it again. I just finished posting the new images to the  site and while the paint white is not the same as the web white…what me worry?!  No!

It’s done and I am happy once again.

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