the tall girl….a work in progress

My Tall Girl Series: A Body of Work is complete. It has been finished for nearly 2 years,  had its debut exhibit with two more coming up this spring. I have given my TG PowerPoint presentation to 7 groups and sold a lot of books.

And yet it continues to be a work in progress. Huh? the reader might query. The work in progress is how I am personally affected by my deeply personal truth being out in the world. 

The past two times I have given the presentation have felt …oh I am so sick of  this tale!  No doubt that is a large part of why I am not accompanying the exhibit to its next two venues.

When the new website was live it came to me rather quickly that I did not at all like the details of my story splashed across the internet. I had a few comments on the handy-dandy feedback form that the links did not work to most of the pieces. That was intentional. Even in designing the site I was aware of my personal privacy and how much I wanted to blast into cyberspace. Being live for just over 24 hours re-affirmed my need for privacy.

So I have amended the Tall Girl Series: A Body of Work  gallery to include a preview of just four images.  There is narrative, a fullview and detail shot of each of these four pieces which are integral to the story line.

I still believe this is a story that needs to be heard. Every single one of us has something in our past which has molded us into who we are in the world today;  and for so many these truths are painful, tragic things that happened to our bodies. 

The purpose of the series was my personal healing. It’s purpose today is to encourage others to do their own healing, to speak of and expel their own story from their body. Believe me when I say it takes a huge toll to hold on to old sorrows.

I was blessed with a very sensitive spirit and also the courage to tell my story.  I am also blessed with the intuitive sense that the story can go on now to inspire others, without my active involvement.

So go on Tall Girl and fly…I have art to make!

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  1. Carol Schoner says:

    At some point I don’t want to be known as the woman who has broken both arms, both thighs, her feet, her pelvis, her nose, her back, and who remembers what else, but you do with time and effort, get past it. But it is always there to pop out when you least expect it. And with all the attendent arthritis I feel it on days like when it is this cold and windy, rainy, ugly!

    You make wonderful art, let your sensitive nature work there where it is most talented. I am making children’s quilts for the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Ronald McDonalds House. I was putting orphan blocks together today, it is not art, but close! I love your website it is easy to use, and lovely to look at, I have more to explore, keep your photos a vital part of it, you capture what I would want to know about costal California.

    You are really great, I love your work, and am encouraged by your success. You share it in a way that makes me think I would like to try an art quilt……………..and I may.:)

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