if it’s worth doing…

I must have heard that expression ‘if it is worth doing it is worth doing right’  a hundred times during my youth. As a kid I recoiled at the very idea of doing anything over again and yet I remember as an adult when the light switched on in my head. Oh yeah ….it is worth doing over.

Today I reminded again as I hobbled down the 13 stairs to the basement to shoot my latest work, Currents #17. I had a little issue with the tripod in that someone had again tightened the adjustment knobs to within an inch of his life. This time I decided to budge them before I screwed the camera on, which was prudent. However, I missed the mark on what was level and this was the result.

 While shooting I neglected to notice in the viewfinder that the image was askew.

I hobbled back upstairs, downloaded the images, resized in PSE.  As I cropped I could see it was not a straight shot, but instead of questioning the level of the tripod, I assumed I had sewn the sleeve on  askew.

Thankfully I did not immediately remove said sleeve but decided instead to hobble downstairs one more time and re-shoot the piece. ‘if it is worth doing it is worth doing right’  This time I would use a T-pin if necessary to level the work on the wall and then re-sew the sleeve later.

After tweaking the tripod some more, imagine my surprise when I took a level shot. I shot 3 more just to make sure before I hobbled back upstairs to take a look. Perfection!

So the lesson learned was while the sleeve would have been worth re-doing, in reality it was only the tripod which had to be re-done!

On to the next task…

4 Responses to “if it’s worth doing…”

  1. Helen Moreda says:

    It is just beautiful…….rich beyond belief.

  2. Connie Rose says:

    Lush, like the forest floor in autumn. Just beautiful, Carol!

  3. tallgirl says:

    thanks…it is odd that I did an autumn piece in summer…

  4. I think that getting the camera level and square on to the quilt is the most difficult thing about taking photos. Much less of an issue when the quilt has irregular edges and an odd shape! PS Lovely piece.

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