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the site’s (a)live…

Monday, March 28th, 2011

rusted roof, santa cruz island, ca

My renovated website is live!  It’s been a wild and crazy few weeks since I decided to take the leap and have it upgraded by people who do this for a living.  I have finally realized that doing it all is no longer my mantra.

That said I have been duct-taped to the chair all day doing it all, tying up loose ends and preparing my big announcement. So this post is primarily for those who came here looking for something.  Here it is!

After I  dust off my sewing machine and actually stitch again I will post  more substance. For now I am over the moon with my new web identity.

Thank you Gloderworks!

"someday" is here…

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

I am by far one of the world’s most organized people. This is the reason organizations always tap my warm body to organize their stuff.

Currents #6, detail

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So you cannot imagine how frustrating it is to me that I have so wantonly ‘filed’ original digital images of my work. Several years ago I took a one day community ed class at the local junior college on digital photography. The instructor stressed over and over and over again about saving the original image somewhere other than the PC (or Mac) so that if the computer crashes or is stolen one still has their images.

I started doing that right after class. I saved them to CDs which are somewhere in this office! Later a friend literally drove me to Staples after a SAQA meeting and instructed me to buy an external drive, as she had recently lost a lot of data on her own computer. I thought she was a bit pushy but complied…after all I was raised to do as I was told! Ever since then I have been religious about saving files on the external drive.

As I began to send digital images to the external drive I did it with no structure at all. So I have several files of Tall Girl images, both for web and print.  I have duplicate files of many pieces of my work. I have unnamed files. I have files with improper names; that is giving an entire group of images the title of the first image. All the while I have been thinking someday…I would go in and organize the files.

Well, someday has arrived and it is now!!! With necessity being the mother of invention, I spent most of yesterday culling, sorting, deleting, re-naming, etc.  What prompted this impulsive act of organization? Necessity.

After several months of pondering the streamlining of my website I eventually decided to have it professionally designed. And what do I need? I need images. I need original images of all my work to resize. Yesterday I found, titled and resized at least half of the images. Today the scavenger hunt begins for the rest. Who knows…maybe I will have a page of early work that is all smaller images! It could be another design element…

There is no stress though. It is a lot of work now for a lot less later.  Initially I took a HTML class and then a Dreamweaver class and built the current site myself. I still get compliments on it although I know it has a lot of flaws.  I am really excited to be taking this step forward, to allow the pros to do their job and allow me to get back to mine…making art! It is no longer necessary for me to do it all.