Portfolio - Tall Girl: A Body of Work

In 1965 when I was 17 years old and 78.5 inches tall, I was surgically shortened 6" with the intention of giving me a normal life. Additionally, I was forbidden by my father from ever talking about it. By middle age I found my voice through a four-year art project which became known as the Tall Girl Series: A Body of Work. My intention for the series was not one of laying blame but of understanding, grieving and acceptance
of the debilitation brought about by these surgeries.

This series highlights the 50+ years since the three surgeries that broke my body, nearly crushed my spirit and forever changed my life. This is a story of courage, healing and acceptance. Completion of the Tall Girl Series: A Body of Work resulted in a self-published book (out of print),
a PowerPoint presentation and a traveling exhibit of 23 textile art pieces.

Two later pieces followed up on the Tall Girl Series. They are from my Defining Moments series and are
#11 Shadow Self and #12 NO Means NO


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