I am a storyteller. With cloth as my medium, I layer text onto fabric and embellish with images, clothing, ephemera and stitch relevant to the story. Through the examination of social/cultural values; such as appearances, women’s issues, sexual assault, aging, dementia; social justice, racism, gun violence and climate change, I create a narrative which encourages the viewer to contemplate their point of view and potentially spark conversation. Much of my current work is further inspired by outrage.

My attraction to fiber began pre-adolescence when I learned to sew my own clothes. As an exceptionally tall girl I was unable to find pants long enough to fit my growing body. Sewing led me to decades of hand-weaving, knitting and wearable art into quilting. I made one traditional quilt and then moved into designing original work, with a variety of fabrics and media.

Paint, technology and stitch are my tools. The complex layering of text, whether by a digital print, screen-printed or both adds color, pattern, and depth to the cloth surface. Both hand-stitching and machine stitching add more texture and interest.

The challenge that drives my work comes from figuring out how to best convey my message so others understand what exactly I am communicating. Much of my design process comes from hours of research, drafting, sketching, contemplation and what I call ‘fermenting.’ In other words, just parking the idea in the back of my mind  and ruminating on it until I am ready to begin.

Once I begin construction, the work progresses quite quickly.